BBEP Exhibitions

Projects By Year:

In 2014 USA, the projects includes:

FaXian Travelogue By Nancy Book cover

Faxian Journal: a pictorial depiction of major chapters in Faxian's A Reocrd of Buddhistic Kingdoms.



Later Zhao Carriage

A one-third size model of the Buddha's Birthday Carriage in Later Zhao. By Carriage Designers, Peter Martin and Dr. Nancy Cowardin. Read more..


In Australia, the projects includes:


New Book Release- Parading The Buddha

Parading The Buddha by Venerable Dr. Juewei was launched in 2014.

In the book Parading the Buddha Venerable Juewei examines Buddhist acculturation – how a tradition adapts to a new culture – through the lens of Buddha’s Birthday celebrations. Her research brings to life historical accounts of grand Buddha image processions during the Northern Wei dynasty around the resplendent capital Luoyang, then the largest city in the world, and how they changed the politics, relationships, and religious imagination of the people. Read more..

Serial sketch of the "Birth of the Buddha" from Buddhacarita

The Buddhacarita is the first full-length biography of the Buddha known to us today. It was written by Aśvaghoṣa, a monk poet serving under Gandhāra’s King Kaniṣka. This Sanskrit masterpiece in twenty-eight chapters served to introduce the Buddha in order to promote the faith in Gandhāra. Original artwork by Billy Tan. Read more..


Video of the making of the Buddha's Birthday Carriage from Later Zhao

This short film documents the motivation behind the architectural drawings and animation of an altar carriage in the Later Zhao kingdom of northern China. Ana interviews Venerable Dr Juewei to find out what makes this automated altar carriage special and how people today relive the past using modern tools and technology. Read more..


Video amination of the Spread of the Buddhism

Based on Dr. Nancy Cowardin’s Timeline and Silk Road Scroll, this video combines both chronological and spatial aspects to create a visual image of the spread of Buddhism around the world. The video begins from the birth of the Buddha and ends with the establishment of Humanistic Buddhism. The lotus, a symbol of purity, is used to depict the birth of Buddhism in each place. Read more..



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